Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Recount versus Revote

I realize that it would be more expensive to have a run-off election if the results were close in any given election, but shouldn't any 'elected' representative of the people have at least a simple majority of the vote? I mean, really? If there was a run-off, I'm sure this Minnesota Senate race would have been decided already. I'm not sure which way it would have gone, probably to Coleman, but at least we'd having two sitting U.S. Senators.


  1. If the people elected the president Bush wouldn't have won.

  2. Well, the electoral system elects the president. This is a good system because it forces candidates to campaign in smaller states. If it were based on popular vote, who would care about Iowa or Missouri? Who would care about rural issues? Nobody because the candidates would just campaign in the big cities.