Friday, February 20, 2009

Minnesota Budget Cuts

Tim Pawlenty is planning on cutting $5.2 billion from the Minnesota budget. With the addition of the 'stimulus' bill, Minnesota is expected to receive anywhere from $1-3 billion, depending on whom you listen to. Pawlenty, a Republican, wants to cut the remaining $3 billion without raising taxes. Why not? Our government has grown dramatically over the years. There is so much government waste; as a former state employee, I know this for fact. Why does our government need to continually ask for more and more money as a proportion of our income? Why can't they become more efficient, like the private sector, and need less money as a proportion of our income?

Pawlenty is adamantly against cutting K-12 Education, which I agree with. He actually proposes a small increase in funding (less than inflation, I think). I think his plan of cutting government back a bit will get us back to an era of more fiscal responsibility. What do you think?


  1. Interesting... after 8 years of republican national leadership whom had no problem spending and put this country in more debt that we can handle, is now telling us to suck it up and deal with the mess they created. When Clinton left office we had a balanced budget. At the state level, it makes my stomach sick to think that Pawlenty thinks he is going to fix everything after his 8 years of spending. He says he doesn't believe in raising taxes but adds "fees" to everything. Does he think we are that dumb? He jets all over at our expense so he can become recognizable at the national level to increase his chances of getting chosen for a national office... who does his job when he is gone all the time? We need new leadership, a new governor that has some common sense and a clue of what people need in Minnesota.

  2. If Pawlenty is so against cutting K-12, why is he allowing a cut to inner city kid's athletics for the Vikings stadium. That program is the only thing keeping some kids from gang activity and violence. Kids do not come first for this governor. He is out to make himself look good.