Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Racial Reconcilation

I'm sick of racial reconciliation. At Northwestern College in St. Paul MN, a generally conservative school, they are shoving it down our throats. We had two chapel speakers this week blab on about how whitey is holding down the minorities. Look to the past, they say, look to the past. How about look at what's going on right now? How about look at the poverty and lack of education in the inner-cities? How about the breakdown of the family? The absence of fathers in the home? Maybe you should blame yourselves for letting yourselves continue in this cycle of poverty. Pull yourselves up by the bootstraps brothers & sisters! Get an education! Get a job! Stop blaming me, I've never hurt you or your family's chances of succeeding. Everybody has a chance to make it in the real world, everybody. It ain't gonna be easy, but quit griping about it! Build yourself up instead of tearing me down.

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